FBI Tracked SurvivalBlog Visitors

Written by Gary North on March 26, 2012

SurvivalBlog.com is one of the most widely visited sites devoted to preparing for an economic crisis. Recently, the editor of SurvivcalBlog posted this message. It has come to my attention that from August of 2011 to November of 2011, the FBI secretly redirected the web traffic of more than 10% of SurvivalBlog’s US visitors through […]

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Liquid Tide: Black Market Money

Written by Gary North on March 23, 2012

Around the USA, thieves are stealing bottles of liquid Tide. I did a Google search for these three words: liquid Tide theft. I got a lot of hits. The thieves could steal anything. Why are they stealing Tide? Because Tide functions as a black market currency. To function as currency, a commodity needs the following: […]

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Preparation for Crisis:Networking Opportunities

Written by Gary North on December 15, 2011

Americans are sensing that business as usual is getting risky. They are looking for ways to reduce their risk in a financial crisis. So, “preparationism” is growing. This has created local business opportunities. But, more important, the opportunity to create a local network of trusted people is growing. One site announces: Shows are popping up […]

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