Catholic-Owned Business Gets Injunction Against Obamacare’s Pro-Abortion Coverage

Written by Gary North on September 28, 2012

Obamacare requires companies to offer insurance plans that provide contraceptives and abortions. A family business owned by Catholics have sued the government on the basis that the requirement interferes with the family’s freedom of religion. It imposes a fine if the business does not pay for such health insurance coverage. The law gives owners a […]

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Cheerleaders’ Bible Verses Banned.

Written by Gary North on September 24, 2012

A tiny Texas high school has been allowing its cheerleaders to use out Bible verses on signs. A humanist special-interest pressure group located in Wisconsin has threatened the school district with a law suit. The district superintendent has announced that there will be no more Bible verses from the cheerleaders. Once again, the humanists have […]

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Judstice Scalia Is Ready to Place Limits on Gun Ownership

Written by Gary North on August 2, 2012

Justice Scalia is an “originalist.” He says that he looks at what the Constitution meant when it was ratified in 1787 and 1788. In anĀ  interview on Fox News, Supreme he said that the Constitution does seem to allow state legislatures to place restrictions on gun ownership. He was vague as to which kinds of […]

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Obamacare Has Literally Replaced the Constitution

Written by Gary North on June 22, 2012

The textbook account of how laws are made is for children. It presents the procedure as if it were governed by the Constitution. This is silly. That went out with high-button shoes. The legal system that prevails today is administrative law: rule by government bureaucracies that cannot be fired. The story of how this legal […]

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8-Year Sentence: Convicted in Absentia

Written by Gary North on June 21, 2012

The U.S. Supreme Court has let stand a South Carolina conviction of a man who was tried in absentia. The man will serve 8 years. The defendant, William Fairly, was convicted by a jury of his peers for obtaining money under false pretenses. The jury made the decision in 30 minutes. It was an open-and-shut […]

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Judge Rules Against Obama-Pelosi-Boehner-McConnell

Written by Gary North on June 11, 2012

A New York judge has ruled against the government on the issue of indefinite detention under the infamous National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA). She said that it violates Constitutional liberties: First Amendment and Fifth Amendment A group of journalists sued the bipartisan political leaders who ramrodded this law through Congress. They said that the law […]

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Criminal Spitballing Threatens Public Education

Written by Gary North on June 7, 2012

Our tax-funded schools are at the forefront of ferreting out crime. They may not teach students very well. Test scores may be falling, as they have since 1963. But one thing is sure: the schools are alert to major infractions. Spitballs are one. In earlier days, little boys made them out of paper and spit. […]

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Pregnant Woman Tasered for Failing to Sign a Traffic Ticket

Written by Gary North on May 18, 2012

Across the United States, a crime wave is threatening the very fabric of American life. Pregnant women are refusing to sign traffic tickets. Authorities are unclear how to stop this. Should these women be shot on sight? Or will simple tasering be sufficient? In Washington state, the police have decided to go with the kinder, […]

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Cell Phone Tracking: “No Warrants, Please!”

Written by Gary North on May 10, 2012

The Department of Justice wants to be legally authorized to track anyone, at any time, by means of his cell phone. The DoJ adamantly resists the suggestion that a judge should be required to issue a warrant in order for the DoJ to do this. Jason Weinstein, a deputy assistant attorney general in the Department […]

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