The UN Thinks It Can Tax American Internet Companies

Written by Gary North on June 11, 2012

The United Nations Organization always wants to expand its power. But it has no power without money. It has to beg governments to provide it with money. The United States government always ponies up it share. This is a waste of money. The UN would like to tap into America’s Internet market by imposing a […]

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The Case for the Non-Revolutionary Ownership of Guns

Written by Gary North on March 9, 2012

There are two main extremes in the debate over guns. The gun control people are basically worshippers of the state. They grovel before the image of the state. They believe in the state. They see the state as redemptive: an agency of healing. This agency must be armed, they say, in order to collect the […]

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Gun Control’s #1 Issue: Who Is Really Sovereign?

Written by Gary North on January 13, 2012

He who has the legal right to own a gun has limited sovereignty. The government wants to assert total sovereignty, as if it were God. So, governments always press for gun control. This is a matter of political philosophy. In America, the people are the Sovereign, and we have the monopoly on all force here. […]

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