Food Stamp Nation: The Population of 24 States.

Written by Gary North on November 2, 2012

The total number of Americans of food stamp (SNAP cards) is over 47 000,000. This exceeds the total population of 24 states. In November, the U.S. Department of Agriculture reported that a record 47,102,780 individuals receive food stamps. According to US. Census Bureau data, that figure exceeds the combined populations of: Alaska, Arkansas, Connecticut, Delaware, […]

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Government Spends $3 Million to Promote Food Stamps

Written by Gary North on July 5, 2012

The U.S. government is not content with 46 million Americans getting free food at taxpayer expense. It is spending money to get more Americans signed up. It has spent $3 million so far this year on radio ads. The food stamp program has been in operation ever since 1964. There are families that are fourth-generation […]

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$15 Trillion for What? The War on Poverty

Written by Gary North on June 28, 2012

Lyndon Johnson in 1965 announced a war on poverty. That became the political umbrella for what has turned out to be $12 trillion (in today’s dollars) down the proverbial drain. Another $3 trillion came from state and local governments. One of the most famous and enduring of Johnson’s programs was food stamps. The program has […]

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