Kiss Your Local Bank Goodbye

Written by Gary North on November 1, 2012

Small banks will disappear over the next decade — maybe half of them. That is the estimate of several analysts. The big banks are already dominant. They will swallow up smaller banks. The problem is this. Will local employees of a New York bank have enough clout to give loans to local businesses? Centralization of […]

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Small Businessmen Remain Grimly Pessimistic.

Written by Gary North on November 15, 2011

The National Federation of Independent Business reports on business sentiment. It is bad. With 1986 as 100, October’s sentiment was 90.2. In January 2009, almost three years ago, it was 89.1. That was in the recession. This recovery is the weakest in post-Word War II history. Sentiment is a little better than in August, but […]

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