Better Than the Stock Market: Homes

Written by Gary North on April 11, 2012

Inflation drove up housing prices, 1965 to 2005. We are going to have more inflation. The real estate bust has made millions of homes available. This has driven down housing prices by 40% in the last five years. Mortgage rates are low. If you lock in a 30-year mortgage at a fixed rate, you can […]

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China Moves Toward Recession, as Austrian Theory Predicts

Written by Gary North on November 23, 2011

The Austrian theory of the business cycle is clear: when a central bank inflates, it will produce a boom. When it slows the rate of monetary inflation, the result is economic recession. I have written about this here. China’s central bank has been the most inflationary of any industrial nation. Now it has slowed, because […]

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