Legal Resistance to Snooping Authorities

Written by Gary North on February 28, 2012

Armed resistance to the government is futile. It is illegal. It is sometimes suicidal. But you have the right not to cooperate. This article is on when to say not to a request by the police to search your house or your car. The correct answer: always. Reasons: 1. It’s your constitutional right. 2. Refusing […]

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Drive-By Body Scanners: Gun Control at a Distance

Written by Gary North on January 20, 2012

It had to happen. Technology gets more efficient. What the TSA has in airports your local police department will have in vans: body scanners that operate at a distance. There will be scanners in police vans. If you are carrying anything metallic, you will be spotted. The Chief of Police has submitted an order for […]

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