Obamacare Will Create Unemployment

Written by Gary North on July 19, 2012

For a business with over 50 workers, it means huge increases in health insurance coverage or a large fine. If a business has 60 workers, 10 of them are going to be fired. Count on it. One man who owns dozens of KFC franchises has a choice: a $60,000 fine — excuse me, “tax” — […]

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Retirement? How Will You Survive After Year Five?

Written by Gary North on February 18, 2012

A recent Forbes piece on retirement reveals that 57% of people interviewed, age 60 or over, say they will not retire. Reality is at last creeping into the lives of senior citizens. Will they retire? They probably will. They will think they can somehow dodge the bullet. Then, at 70, with their savings running out, […]

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