America’s Energy Independence Is Just Around the Corner!

Written by Gary North on October 24, 2012

In this hard-hitting, no-holds-barred report, America’s path to energy independence is made clear. The Daily Show with Jon StewartGet More: Daily Show Full Episodes,Political Humor & Satire Blog,The Daily Show on Facebook ,Br> Unfortunately, that was broadcast in 2010. For the latest information on America’s road to energy independence, click the link.

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Gold Soars

Written by Gary North on February 23, 2012

Gold is approaching $1,800. In late December, you could have bought it for under $1,550. A year ago, you could have bought it for $1,320. Is it going lower? Legendary commodities investor Jim Rogers has this to say. Throughout history when you have people printing money and debasing currency, the way to protect yourself and […]

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Fortunes Will Be Made in Natural Gas by 2015

Written by Gary North on January 12, 2012

Natural gas sells for about $3 per million BTUs. Oil sells for $20. Why is natural gas cheap? Because it costs money — a lot of money — to make the switch. We are an oil-based civilization. But this price will be paid. It must be paid. Peak oil is real. Here is an article […]

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Gold Under $1,500? Never Again — Embry

Written by Gary North on January 5, 2012

This forecast was made by John Embry, the chief investment strategist of Sprott Asset Management, a $10 billion fund. “I do think there is a strong probability that the end of 2011 marked the bottom for gold and silver and that may be the lows that will ever be seen.  That’s a strong statement, but […]

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If Iran Blocks the Straits, Worldwide Recession Is Sure

Written by Gary North on January 4, 2012

Iran’s leaders are talking tough about shutting down the straits of Hormuz. This may be a way for them to get the West to negotiate from a weaker position regarding Iran’s nuclear fuel program. Or it may be that Iran thinks there is an attack coming. The question is this: Will oil prices skyrocket if […]

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Oil: From Russia, Without Love

Written by Gary North on December 27, 2011

In 2002, about 60% of the world’s oil came from non-OPEC sources. Today, it’s about 57%. Problem: Russia now supplies 25% of this non-OPEC oil. Today, Royal Dutch Shell and Exxon Mobil “have essentially abandoned the effort to meaningfully expand their oil reserves. Instead, they are now shifting course in favor of a strong, natural […]

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Why Oil Prices Are Headed Far Higher

Written by Gary North on November 16, 2011

The idea that the USA can ever become oil independent is a myth. The US has lots of coal and natural gas. It does not have much oil. The recession hit US oil consumption like a sledgehammer after 2007. Meanwhile, there has been a slight uptick of oil production in the US. But there is […]

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