Why Don’t Parents Warn Their Children?

Written by Gary North on July 24, 2012

This woman is close to $200,000 in debt for a useless college degree. So is her husband, who married her debt, “to have and to hold, until death — or a bankruptcy judge — do them part.” They will never get out, unless a lenient judge lets them off the hook. I do not understand […]

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What if Your Son Marries a $149,000 Student Debt?

Written by Gary North on July 20, 2012

These stories are becoming common. A woman borrowed $100,00 to get a college degree. She stopped paying interest. Now she owes $142,000. Some guy married her. Now he owes $142,000. Combined, their after-tax income is $42,000. They cannot write off interest payments from gross income. The law was changed. Will they be able to buy […]

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