How Todd Akin Shot Himself in the Foot on the Abortion Issue

Written by Gary North on August 22, 2012

“When you shoot from the hip, you risk blowing off an important appendage.” — North’s law of unrehearsed comments. Congressman Todd Akin takes a “no exceptions” position on abortion. Anyone who runs for office who holds this position had better know why. He never did. He still doesn’t. He is running for U.S. Senate in […]

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Tax Credits Helped Build the Mob Museum

Written by Gary North on March 30, 2012

The city of Las Vegas has spending $42 million to build a museum devoted to organized crime. No, not Congress. The Mob. The city got federal tax credits of $10.6 million. You and I will make up the difference. A nonprofit organization is supervising all this. Let’s see. A non-profit organization is promoting the Mob, […]

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