How NOT to Argue for Gold: Great Topic, Pathetic Video

Written by Gary North on January 17, 2014


Here is a video on why gold will rise in price: digital currencies will fall. The company that released this video sells gold storage. It is for very rich people who already hold gold investments, or else it is for people with no experience with gold investing, who are being asked to buy gold stored […]

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Facebook Sells Members’ Information to Marketers

Written by Gary North on October 5, 2012

Facebook investors have lost over half their money if they bought the stock on opening day. Facebook has always had a major problem: how convert members’ information into money. It now has a way to do this. It will sell access to members’ information to marketers. The social networking site is allowing companies to trawl […]

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“Doctor” Bloomberg Lays Down the Law on Baby Formula

Written by Gary North on August 2, 2012

Mayor Bloomberg does a great Saturday Night Live comedy sketch parodying his reputation as Nanny Bloomberg. His latest routine was to ban New York City hospitals from handing out free baby formula. What’s that? It’s not a comedy skit symbolizing the where he thinks the entire society should be? You mean it’s real? It’s real. […]

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Jobs of the Future: What the Experts Tell You Is Wrong

Written by Gary North on February 7, 2012

This is a cogent assessment of what lies ahead. Ignore this at your peril. This is from a college professor of chemistry. His message is different from what you might expect. It has been true of my career. _____________________________________________________ Let’s start with the three Laws  of Future Employment. Law #1: People will get jobs doing things […]

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