Lovely Rita, Meter Maid, Gets $93,000 a Year

Written by Gary North on August 14, 2012

Meter maids in Hermosa Beach get anywhere from $67,000 to $93,000 a year. I grew up next door to Hermosa Beach. My girl friend lived in Hermosa Beach. My parents bought a home in Manhattan Beach for $8,000. Today, that same 900 square foot home would sell for a million dollars. It was three blocks […]

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Police Brutality Defended by Police Department

Written by Gary North on May 14, 2012

A police officer kicked a clearly pregnant woman in the abdomen. The woman filed a complaint. The police department says the offider was in the right. Here is a case of a bureaucratic reaction that is universal. But, if the days of the Internet, this reaction can backfire. No charges have been filed against the […]

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