Government-Subsidized Energy Drains Us Permanently

Written by Gary North on August 28, 2012

Why does the federal government support “green energy”? Because the free market won’t. Why does the free market reject “green energy”? Because it costs more to generate than it brings in as revenues. Why is this the case? Because “green energy” is labor-intensive. Why do politicians support this? Because employed workers vote. Does the public […]

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$4 Million Earmark Leads to Senator’s Wife

Written by Gary North on July 17, 2012

Follow the money. That’s what the movie version of “Deep Throat” said in All the President’s Men. No one recalls how the phrase got into the script, including the script writer. But it’s a good rule. The Pentagon gets about $600 billion a year, not counting $88 billion for actually fighting wars. How easy is […]

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