22 Reasons to Expect a Financial Crisis

Written by Gary North on April 26, 2012

The Economic Collapse Blog runs wonderful articles on bad stuff that is threatening us. I love these articles, because the editor posts links to at least one article that supports his claim. These links are a treasure trove. The editor has a knack for assembling these links into one comprehensive summary. One after another, link […]

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Big Bank Bailout: Why You Will Be Asked to Pay

Written by Gary North on November 30, 2011

The politicians in Europe are planning another summit meeting on December 9. The more summits they have, the more it becomes clear that they have no solution. If they did, they would need only one summit. Matthew Lynn nails it: “Every week we get another big search for a smart-sounding scheme to rescue the project. […]

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Will Italy Default? Yes. Will This Affect You? Yes.

Written by Gary North on November 16, 2011

The idea that Italy’s government is not insolvent is silly. It is going to default. It may take a few months. It may take a year. The fact is, it is so far in the debt hole that it cannot maintain paying interest much longer. Word is slowly getting out, but just barely. Idiot bankers […]

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