London Olympics’ Cost: 2012 vs. 1948

Written by Gary North on July 23, 2012

The cost of the 2012 Olympics will be at least £9.3 billion, or $14.5 billion. (1 pound = $1.56) Originally, money from the private sector was to pay for the games, but as the 2008 financial crisis took hold the Olympic project was bailed out costing the British tax payer £5.9bn. The latest government report […]

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Former Head of the FDIC Sends a Torpedo into Bernanke

Written by Gary North on April 17, 2012

Sheila Bair was the head of the FDIC, which insures our bank accounts. She understands what interest rates at zero mean. In this essay, she pokes fun at Bernanke and the FED. Are you concerned about growing income inequality in America? Are you resentful of all that wealth concentrated in the 1 percent? I’ve got […]

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Financial Reppression Gets a Shot in the Arm

Written by Gary North on January 10, 2012

Keynesians learn nothing. Here is an article on how great financial repression is when compared with liberty. Voters in the West have accepted this for 75 years. Financial repression is the name economists give to the various ways that governments encourage or force investors to buy sovereign debt at unattractive prices. Economists Carmen Reinhart and […]

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New Year’s Resolutions That Uncle Sam Didn’t Make

Written by Gary North on January 3, 2012

Al Lewis has come up with a great list of New Year’s resolutions for the U.S. government. Fat chance. I list just a few of them. • Stop runaway deficit spending. Start paying down the $15 trillion national debt before it’s $20 trillion and counting. • Fix Social Security and Medicare before the Baby Boomers […]

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30-Year Mortgage for 4%, but Is This Real?

Written by Gary North on December 22, 2011

What is the lowest rate anyone can get in your region? Do you know how to find out? It’s easy. Go here: I bought a house in 2005 using this service. I found the best rate there. These days, the rates are amazingly low. They are so low that I recommend re-financing your home […]

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