Drug Trafficker List: What If You Get on It?

Written by Gary North on July 18, 2012

A 68-year-old Denver woman went to a car dealer to buy a new car. The car dealer’s salesman checked her credit score online. There he found that she was on a “suspected drug trafficker” list. The entry went back to 2005. She did not know anything about this. There was no problem with her credit. […]

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Identity Thieves Get IRS Tax Refunds

Written by Gary North on May 28, 2012

An article in the New York Times reveals that criminals have found ways to change places online with law-abiding Americans. They are fooling government agencies, including the IRS, regarding payments owed to citizens. These thefts begin with stolen Social Security numbers. Then they get birth dates. With this information, which seems minimal, the thieves are […]

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The FBI’s New Biometric Data Base: Way Beyond Your Fingerprints

Written by Gary North on January 13, 2012

This is not your father’s data base! The FBI claims that their fingerprint database (IAFIS) is the “largest biometric database in the world,” containing records for over a hundred million people. But that’s nothing compared to the agency’s plans for Next Generation Identification (NGI), a massive, billion-dollar upgrade that will hold iris scans, photos searchable with face recognition technology, palm prints, […]

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