Public Schools Call Cops to Deal With 6-Year-Olds

Written by Gary North on April 27, 2012

When police officers haul off 6-year-olds in handcuffs, they have lost their judgment. When school officials feel so threatened by 6-year-olds that they call the police to help keep order, we know the schools are being run by utter incompetents. Yet this is happening all over America. Here are examples. * * * * * […]

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19 Insane Ways That Kids Can Be Expelled or Even Arrested

Written by Gary North on February 6, 2012

In my day, 1955-59, you could be paddled by a coach or even the Vice Principal if you were a boy.  I never knew what happened to the girls. Today, the schools’ authorities are able to do the following. ___________________________________________ With each passing year, the difference between America’s prisons and America’s public schools becomes smaller […]

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