Florida Judge Restores Free Speech Rights to Physicians

Written by Gary North on July 6, 2012

In 2011, the state of Florida passed a law prohibiting physicians from discussing guns with their patients. In the court system, communications between a physician and his patient are protected by law. The physician is not required to tell the state anything. He has the same immunity as a lawyer has. Legislators in Florida decided […]

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Gold as a Crisis Hedge

Written by Gary North on January 20, 2012

There are millions of investors who still sit on the sidelines, wondering if they should buy gold. I have said yes, beginning in October of 2001. This man agrees. With gold closing above the critical $1,650 level and silver above $30, today King World News interviewed the man who told clients in 2002, when gold […]

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Better Than Gold or Silver

Written by Gary North on December 26, 2011

The next boom asset is here. It is scarce. It will experience rising demand. And it does well in recessions, not just inflationary booms. As the economic crisis has worsened over the last several years we have made it a point to inform our readers about the possibility of a system collapse so severe that […]

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Gun Control and the Crisis in Europe

Written by Gary North on December 15, 2011

The two issues are related, as this article in Forbes recognizes. Why? Because Europe is facing disintegration, maybe even collapse. This is strong language for an Establishment magazine. About a year ago, I spoke at a conference in Europe that attracted a lot of very rich people from all over the continent, as well as […]

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Guns: Radio Ad Shoots Sales Through the Roof

Written by Gary North on December 14, 2011

I am in advertising. We have a saying: “Clever doesn’t sell.” This time it did. This ad is getting tremendous business for a local gun shop in Fresno, California. What I like about it is that it gets women into the store. I’m not sure why. My advice: follow the advice in the ad.

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God, Gold, Groceries, and Guns

Written by Gary North on November 15, 2011

These are the Big Four. I first wrote about this in 1980. Most of the time, we muddle through. We bump along. But a wise person has reserves. I mean reserves in the broadest sense. Faith in God is more reliable than faith in gold. As for groceries, they are cheap, especially for wise shoppers […]

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