An AK-47 for $500. Is This a Great Country, or What?

Written by Gary North on August 8, 2012

The dream weapon among revolutionaries, freedom fighters, freedom-fighting revolutions, weekend militia members, and anyone standing off a flash mob is now available at a great price. I can’t actually think of a reason why I would want to own one, but who am I to impose my views on others? The AK-47 is a symbol […]

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County Tries to Zone Out a Gun Store

Written by Gary North on July 18, 2012

The Board of Supervisors of Alameda Coiunty, California, has made a mistake. It tried to change the zoning law to block a gun store from opening. Why was this a mistake? Because it caught the attention of Al Gottleib of the Second Amendment Foundation. In gun control circles, Gottleib is known as “ideologically armed and […]

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Good Economic Reasons for Not Fleeing the USA

Written by Gary North on December 15, 2011

There have always been people who have recommended leaving the USA for greener pastures. I have not been one of them. I have always recommended that Americans move abroad for a year, rent a house, and see how well they adjust. Don’t go cold turkey. Go “warm turkey.” A recent article on this spells out […]

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Proposed U.N. Arms Treaty Against Handguns

Written by Gary North on December 14, 2011

Gun control advocates inside the United Nations are attempting to pass an international arms-control treaty. If the Senate ratifies it, the supply of guns will decline. Meanwhile, demand is rising. Consider this report. “We predict that a global Arms Trade Treaty will come into force late this year,” a report in the Jan. 2012 issue […]

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