Today, PIGS Can Fly. How Long Will It Last?

Posted on January 15, 2014

Flying Pig

The bond market is finished? You can only lose money in it from now on? That was very much the consensus in the market at the end of last year. But no one told investors in Europe. The one roaring trade for the start of 2014 has been euro-zone peripheral debt, with yields tumbling in […]

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Alternative Digital Currencies Based on Barter

Written by Gary North on July 15, 2012

The free market responds to demand. When a government breaks down, free markets respond. This is happening in Greece. In a town 200 miles north of Athens, a network of bartering townspeople has sprung up. No government agency is involved. No taxes will be paid. An unemployed mother and her daughter are selling jams, vegetables, […]

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“Occupy Bilberberg” and Other Naive Fantasies

Written by Gary North on June 4, 2012

A protestor last week carried a sign, Occupy Bilderberg, outside the Virginia hotel that housed the Bilberberg meeting. There was no way that anyone except Bilderberg was going to occupy Bilderberg. I read about this in a news story published by the liberal Guardian, a British publication. The Guardian began sending the same lonely reporter […]

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If the Dollar Dies: A Shopping List for Bartering

Written by Gary North on March 21, 2012

Maybe you have read that things are so bad in Greece that middle class people are turning to barter to get what they need. Things that anyone can buy cheaply today will be valuable in a time of inflation and price controls. Common items will get scarce. It’s also important to recognize that we can’t […]

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What Will Be Your Share of Europe’s Bailout?

Written by Gary North on December 13, 2011

This joke has it right. Question: A Greek, an Italian and a Spaniard walk into a bar. Who picks up the tab? Answer: The Americans. The author understands how the financial markets work. The Europeans will pay for their bankers’ stupidity. So will we. MF Global was just the beginning. And then there is the […]

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These PIIGS Won’t Fly: Goodbye Euro

Written by Gary North on November 15, 2011

The official New World Order party line in Europe is this: (1) the euro will survive; (2) the eurozone will prosper; (3) the European Union is forever. None of this is true. When Greece defaults and leaves the eurozone — or is booted out — the experiment will unravel. This was the grand experiment of […]

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