New Auto Driving Tax: Your Car Will be Tagged with a Chip

Written by Gary North on June 6, 2012

States across the nation are experimenting with a new system of taxation. In addition to taxing gasoline, states will also tax miles driven. That’s right. It’s called double taxation. You pay at the pump for the fuel you need to drive. Then you pay for the miles driven. “But grandma, what big teeth you have!” […]

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Cell Phone Tracking: “No Warrants, Please!”

Written by Gary North on May 10, 2012

The Department of Justice wants to be legally authorized to track anyone, at any time, by means of his cell phone. The DoJ adamantly resists the suggestion that a judge should be required to issue a warrant in order for the DoJ to do this. Jason Weinstein, a deputy assistant attorney general in the Department […]

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The Smart Phone App That Tracks You, and Cannot Be Disabled

Written by Gary North on January 3, 2012

So, you think you have privacy. You don’t if you use any of these 8 apps. This report begins with a corker: CIQ. In a recent hearing before the Senate Judiciary Committee, Sen. Al Franken reminded his fellow Americans, “People have a fundamental right to control their private information.” At the hearing, Franken raised an […]

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Tightening the Noose: Government Victories in 2011

Written by Gary North on December 30, 2011

The U.S. government continued to tighten the noose on our liberties in 2011. Welcome to the new total security state. The U.S. government now has at its disposal a technological arsenal so sophisticated and invasive as to render any constitutional protections null and void. And these technologies are being used by the government to invade […]

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