The Nanny State and the Anti-Twinkie Fascists

Written by Gary North on March 9, 2012

Jeffrey Tucker reviews a new book on the nanny state. The nanny state is the security-promising bureaucracy that treats citizens as children. The phrase “nanny state” captures the spirit of this push to regulate our consumption in all areas of life. But the phrase misses the mark when it comes to the methods themselves. Nannies […]

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States Where Home Schooling Is Skyrocketing

Written by Gary North on February 9, 2012

This blog site offers new information. First, data are not carefully collected by the states. This is good. We need freedom, not statistics. Second, four states show amazing growth, 2000-2009: Florida, Georgia, Virginia, and North Carolina. There has been no consistent pattern, 2008 to today. But since 2000, there has been growth. My first effort […]

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SOPA Sinks. Congress Abandons Ship.

Written by Gary North on January 19, 2012

I have never seen anything to match it, not in 50 years of monitoring politics. The Internet mobilized millions of outraged voters who contacted their Senators and Congressmen. At one stage, my subscribers could not contact their representatives online. The Senate’s site went down from the overload. The Good Old Boys thought they would sneak […]

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