Kenya Gets Free Navy Seal Boats. Why?

Written by Gary North on June 20, 2012

The government of Kenya is going to receive a gift from the Obama Administration: five top-of-the-line Navy Seal boats. Why? Nobody seems to know. With a $1.3 trillion deficit every year, little things like this barely get noticed. They add up. The winner is the contractor:  United States Marine Incorporated (USMI) of Gulfport, Miss. These […]

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Obama Wants $770 Million to Fight Global Warming Overseas

Written by Gary North on April 10, 2012

Obama wants Americans to pay for Third World nations to combat global warming’s effects. What global warming? Temperatures have not risen for a decade. No matter. When the President wants American taxpayers to fund Third World bureaucrats, no sacrifice is too great. This $770 million expenditure is part of the Global Climate Change Initiative (GCCI). […]

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