Drought Burns a Hole in Taxpayers’ Wallets

Written by Gary North on August 3, 2012

Half of America’s counties are suffering from a major drought. The federal government has identified these counties as national disasters This means bailout money is on its way. Bailouts are a way of life in a nation filled with national disasters. In fact, the bailout money helps creates them. The free market works. The federal […]

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$970 Billion Bailout Bill Passes a Key Senate Committee. Congress Will Vote for It. Obama Will Sign It.

Written by Gary North on June 15, 2012

When the U.S. government passes a bailout bill worth close to $1 trillion, you might think this would be front-page news. It isn’t. You might think Republicans would be fighting it. They aren’t. Why not? Becquse it’s that old favortite, agribusiness. In the name of helping the small farmer, the agrigribusiness industry lives high on […]

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