Retirement Suicide: Families Borrow to Pay for Kids’ College

Written by Gary North on October 16, 2012

This video interview posted by the Wall Street Journal talks about parents’ debt. We know about what students are personally taking on. The average debt is $40,000 at age 23, with no bankruptcy protection. But their parents are matching them. None of this is necessary. College need not cost over $15,000, total. But parents are […]

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1.4 Million Americans with Over $100,000 in College Debt

Written by Gary North on October 12, 2012

The figure is staggering. It was released by FICO, which surveys Americans’ debt position in order to issue their credit ratings. Students are amassing debt as never before. Some students are taking out two loans. This figure has risen by 90% since 2005. The percentage of adult Americans with two ore more student loans is […]

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