Gun Control and the Crisis in Europe

Written by Gary North on December 15, 2011

The two issues are related, as this article in Forbes recognizes. Why? Because Europe is facing disintegration, maybe even collapse. This is strong language for an Establishment magazine. About a year ago, I spoke at a conference in Europe that attracted a lot of very rich people from all over the continent, as well as […]

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Half of Britain’s Leading Bankers Fear a Major Crisis Soon

Written by Gary North on November 28, 2011

We remember the weekend collapse of Lehman Brothers’ investment bank in October 2008. A recent survey of Britain’s senior bankers reveals that over half of them fear a Lehman-like event in Europe. [Note: “City” refers to the banking section of London that exists as a separate legal jurisdiction. It is shorthand for “Wall Street.”] A […]

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