$555,000 in Student Debt, Payments to Age 70

Written by Gary North on August 1, 2012

This woman is 41 years old. She is single. Anyone who marries her gets $555,000 in debt. No man wants to say “I do.” She is trapped until age 70, unless hyperinflation delivers her. No one warned her. Her father even co-signed for part of this debt. The world is full of economically illiterate people. […]

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Killer Clause: No Fixed Rate for College Loans

Written by Gary North on July 4, 2012

Students who take out a loan to fund college are making a terrible decision in almost every case. These loans are not necessary. There are ways around debt for college. But most students don’t understand this. This woman signed the loan agreement. She did not read the document carefully enough. She thought it gave her […]

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Another Green Energy ObamaLoan Turns into Red Ink

Written by Gary North on April 13, 2012

Solyndra was the first domino. This latest bankruptcy will take with it maybe $50 million or maybe $100 million. The bankruptcy lawyers will hammer out a settlement. The U.S. government had put up a $2.1 billion loan guarantee. We will not know for years how much money in the hole the latest solar energy company […]

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