Police Beat Woman, Steal Her Cell Phone’s Video Card

Written by Gary North on February 1, 2012

Police are scared of citizens with cell phones that have video capability. Citizens can record what the police do. This woman claims that she was beaten by three police officers. The police took her cell phone and removed the card. This made it into the local newspaper and onto local TV. The police are saying […]

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Video Cops? Disorderly Conduct. Confiscated Camera.

Written by Gary North on January 23, 2012

The police are afraid of cell phones that shoot videos and other YouTube-eligible videos. They are taking steps to make sure citizens do not use these tools in a disorderly way. Example: Mannie Garcia says he was within his rights when he filmed Montgomery County police officers arrest two men last summer in Wheaton. The […]

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Spying on Civilians: Unmanned Drones

Written by Gary North on December 14, 2011

This is not “black helicopters” stuff. This is, as they say, the real deal. This appeared in Stars and Stripes, the news site of the U.S. Army. A county sheriff in North Dakota had a search warrant for six missing cows in late June. Wait a minute! Why does a sheriff in the wide open […]

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