$600/Day Fine for Feeding Kids for Free

Written by Gary North on August 16, 2012

A woman in Chester township in Philadelphia gives a free meal to children in her neighborhood every day. She does this from her home. The town council found out about this. It ordered her to stop this assault on the integrity of her neighborhood. This must be nipped in the bud. If she is allowed […]

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No More Free Donated Food in Parks, Says Philadelphia’s Mayor

Written by Gary North on June 4, 2012

The mayor of Philadelphia has announced a ban on feeding poor people. Private agencies must cease and desist. Feeding poor people undermines their dignity, the mayor says. The mayor’s name is appropriate: Nutter. These are outdoor feedings. They are held in parks. The food may be unsanitary, the mayor warns. Nutter says the feedings lack […]

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Nanny Bloomberg’s Hunger Game: “Let The Poor Eat Tofu!”

Written by Gary North on March 23, 2012

Mayor Bloomberg, the multi-billionaire mayor of New York, has had it with people who donate Twinkies to shelters for the homeless. Anything that is not nutritious must not be given to hungry people. This is his version of the hunger game. Here is his slogan: “Let them eat Tofu!” The Bloomberg administration is blocking food […]

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