Sweetheart Deal: Uncle Sugar and the Sugar Lobby

Written by Gary North on September 20, 2012

For over 200 years, the U.S. government has imposed quotas on the import of sugar into the United States. This has allowed domestic sugar producers the ability to charge more for sugar. Americans consume less sugar. Don’t think of this as cronyism. Don’t think of this as crony capitalism. Think of this as a government […]

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Sweet Subsidies: Sugar and Corn

Written by Gary North on April 27, 2012

Congress has been prohibiting Americans from buying low-cost sugar ever since 1789, the first year of the United States under the Constitution. This subsidizes the sugar growers, who have not operated in a free market in the nation’s history. But it’s not just the sugar growers who are the beneficiaries. Corn producers, whose product is […]

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Jobs Move to the USA

Written by Gary North on March 5, 2012

Here is a man bites dog story. The Caterpillar Company has closed a Canadian plant and has moved back to the United States. The union in Canada refused to take a 50% pay cut. So, it will now take a 100% pay cut. This is great for American workers. It is fitting for union members […]

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