Snooping for Whistleblowers: The FDA Gets Caught

Written by Gary North on July 18, 2012

There are few things more feared or more hated by government bureaucrats than whistleblowers. A whistleblower can alert Congress to some major infraction. The agency is not in the least concerned with the infraction. It is concerned about negative publicity. Negative publicity can lead to the two most feared responses: (1) an investigation by an […]

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Michigan Bureaucrats Shoot Pigs for “Wrong” Hair Color

Written by Gary North on April 19, 2012

It’s racial profiling in Michigan. Pigs with the wrong colored hair are being exterminated by teams of rifle-toting bureaucrats. Owners of these pigs are being bankrupted. It’s all perfectly legal. It began on April 1. In late March, Natural News ran a story on what was about to happen. It’s all part of a shocking […]

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NYPD’s Statistical War on Crime

Written by Gary North on March 12, 2012

Every bureaucracy learns how to make the statistics work for it. The bureaucracy announces improvements based on these manipulated statistics. The New Your Police Department has been caught in a classic example of how the game is played. The department was being pressured to show that crime is declining. It also had to show that […]

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