Obama’s Stimulus Sponsors Soap Opera: Almost $1 Million

Written by Gary North on May 15, 2012

When the Congress approved $787 billion in “shovel-ready” money to stimulate the economy, that opened the door to entrepreneurs of all kinds. One of them had in mind a kind of soap opera: “Diary of a Single Mom.” It starred Billy Dee Williams. I missed seeing it. Maybe you did, too. The total bill for […]

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Detroit Welfare: $74,000 Business Suits

Written by Gary North on March 20, 2012

In Detroit, which borders on bankruptcy and which is closing public schools because it cannot afford them, the city provided $148,000 to fund a clothing store. The store was to provide funding to help poor people get business suits for job interviews. “Clothes make the man.” We all know that. How many people actually received […]

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