Intrade Betting on Obama: 63%

Written by Gary North on October 10, 2012

He is around 63% today. This article gives an assessment. Intrade bills itself as “the world’s leading prediction market,” and it truly is a market in the sense that visitors can buy or sell “shares” — and make or lose real money — in a particular event’s outcome. Intrade has facilitated wagers on the size […]

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Intrade Betting: Republican Odds Collapse for Senate Control

Written by Gary North on September 28, 2012

A week ago, betting had Republican control at 53. Today, it’s 16. This is a total collapse. Something fundamental has changed. Ominous: House Republican odds have fallen from 90 to 75. Intrade is strictly betting. There are no explanations. But this decline for the Republicans indicate a major shift of sentiment. Something big is happening.

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Rasmussen Poll: 46% to 46%. Intrade: Obama Win: 70.2%

Written by Gary North on September 24, 2012

On September 22, the Rasmussen poll indicated a dead heat: 46% to 46%. I checked Intrade, the Irish betting site. It said the odds favoring Obama’s victory are at a high point in 2012: 70.2%. This discrepancy will be a good test retroactively of sampling theories. Rasmussen polls people who are eligible to vote. Intrade […]

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