The Case for Gold in 4 Minutes

Written by Gary North on February 24, 2012

So, your loud-mouth brother-in-law says gold is a bubble, and that what you should buy now is a no-load mutual fund of the S&P 500. The S&P 500 is lower today than it was in March 2000, and the dollar purchases 30% less. But that doesn’t convince him. Gold was at $270 in 2000. He […]

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As Gold Climbs Higher, Procrastinators Agonize, but Owners Sleep Better.

Written by Gary North on February 3, 2012

Gold is over $1750 per ounce. To track gold’s price, 24×7, go here: The volatility of gold over the past two months has been high. It was as low as $1530 in late December. It has risen by overĀ  $200. This scares off procrastinators. I wrote this on January 30. ________________________________________________ Across the nation, […]

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