How NOT to Argue for Gold: Great Topic, Pathetic Video

Written by Gary North on January 17, 2014


Here is a video on why gold will rise in price: digital currencies will fall. The company that released this video sells gold storage. It is for very rich people who already hold gold investments, or else it is for people with no experience with gold investing, who are being asked to buy gold stored […]

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0 for 307: Useless Tips on Terrorism Cost $18,893 Per Tip

Written by Gary North on October 17, 2012

The Department of Homeland Security has a program, “Text Against Terror.” Its acronym is TAP. Taxpayers are being tapped to pay for it. In New Jersey, $5.8 million was spent to create advertising for a program that lets transit commuters alert the authorities about suspicious things. I reported on this advertising campaign on September 18. […]

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Advertising Breakthrough: Get Named by Obama as Unpatriotic

Written by Gary North on August 10, 2012

If you give a lot of money to Mitt Romney’s campaign, Obama may mention you in one of his speeches. This is from Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell. McConnell told me that large donors to the Romney campaign are near the top of the President’s enemies list. The Obama campaign attacked eight of those contributors […]

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Government Spends $3 Million to Promote Food Stamps

Written by Gary North on July 5, 2012

The U.S. government is not content with 46 million Americans getting free food at taxpayer expense. It is spending money to get more Americans signed up. It has spent $3 million so far this year on radio ads. The food stamp program has been in operation ever since 1964. There are families that are fourth-generation […]

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Background Noise: Google Will Be Able to Know Where You Are

Written by Gary North on May 14, 2012

Google has just patented a system that can determine where you are by the background noise your cell phone provides. You’re attending a baseball game and call Google’s 411 service for information about a nearby restaurant. The cheers of the crowd and the sounds of the announcer are picked up by your phone. Google’s system […]

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