Don’t Call Obama a Socialist — Sowell

Posted on March 26, 2016


It bothers me a little when conservatives call Barack Obama a “socialist.” He certainly is an enemy of the free market, and wants politicians and bureaucrats to make the fundamental decisions about the economy. But that does not mean that he wants government ownership of the means of production, which has long been a standard […]

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Et Tu, Marco? Rubio Stabs the Conservatives Who Elected Him.

Written by Gary North on March 19, 2016


“When our friends get into power, they aren’t our friends any more.”– M. Stanton Evans This has become known as “Evans’ law of political perfidy.” My friend Stan Evans was a wise and eloquent man. He was an intellectual leader within the conservative political movement, beginning around 1960. He arrived at Yale in the year […]

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Triage in Public Education

Written by Gary North on March 19, 2016


Triage is a battlefield concept out of World War I. A medic brings a severely wounded man on a stretcher into the medical tent. A uniformed physician makes an initial prognosis. The man on the stretcher will probably: 1. Live, no matter what 2. Die, no matter what 3. Survive, but only if he gets […]

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“Take a Dive in November!” Says a Major Neocon Republican

Written by Gary North on March 12, 2016


The Republican establishment is frantic over Trump. Trump has called the political establishment’s bluff. He has made an end run around their vetting process. This is a replay of Goldwater’s nomination in 1964. The Republican establishment took a dive in that election. It threw the election to Johnson. Now a major neoconservative theorist is recommending […]

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