ISIS: Their Boots, Their Ground

Written by Gary North on October 13, 2014


President Obama’s plan to bomb ISIS into submission is not working. That the man thought it would work is testimony to his lack of understanding of third generation warfare’s inability to deal with fourth generation warfare. ISIS is rolling to major victories, one after another. The US-led air attacks launched against Islamic State (also known […]

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What’s RIGHT With the Euro

Written by Gary North on October 11, 2014


You read that right. Right. I think like an economist. The economist always thinks in terms of alternatives. The economist’s mindset was expressed clearly by the late comedian, Henny Youngman. “How’s your wife?” “Compared to what?” One of the most common complaints against the eurozone is this one: “The eurozone is a central currency, but […]

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School Vouchers: The Double Tax

Written by Gary North on October 10, 2014


“All State education is a sort of dynamo machine for polarizing the popular mind; for turning and holding its lines of force in the direction supposed to be most effective for State purposes.” Henry Adams, The Education of Henry Adams (1907) We are continually bombarded by newspaper and magazine headlines informing us of the continuing […]

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Bitcoins: $367, Down from $1,146

Written by Gary North on October 10, 2014


This is not a good sign. Bitcoins are not money. Ludwig von Mises defined money as “the most marketable commodity.” Bitcoins are a barely marketable non-commodity. Bitcoins transactions are recorded at your bank as soon as you sell them or buy them. Privacy? Only while you are holding them in your virtual bank account. Too […]

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Experimental Alzheimer’s Treatment Reverses the Disease

Posted on October 10, 2014


Alzheimer’s disease was officially recognized a hundred years ago, but there’s still no effective treatment for it. Now researchers at UCLA say they’ve developed a program that shows for the first time memory loss being reversed. It’s not a drug; it’s not a procedure; it is a novel, comprehensive and personal approach to treating memory […]

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