Arrogant Virginia County Politicians Smashed by New State Law to Silence Them

Posted on July 15, 2014


PARIS, VA—July 1, 2014—The bill, HB 268 (SB 51), becomes law in Virginia today, protecting certain activities at agricultural operations from local regulation. This statewide non-partisan legislation was driven by grassroots organizations and individuals in the thousands across the Commonwealth and is one of the first bills signed into law by Governor Terry McAuliffe. The […]

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A Dialogue on Social Justice

Written by Gary North on July 14, 2014


What Is social justice? Economist Walter Williams has an answer. “I keep what I earn, and you keep what you earn. If you believe that you deserve some of what I earn, please explain why.” Dr. Williams is skeptical about the motives of those people and special-interest groups who demand that politicians and tenured bureaucrats […]

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Scrivener: Great Product, Abysmal Marketing

Written by Gary North on July 12, 2014

In the field of writing, Scrivener is an exceptional tool. There is nothing else quite like it. For writers, it is something of a miracle. There is a problem. Its designer does his own marketing. Because the program is so good, it is getting exposure. Because it is cheap — under $50 — it is […]

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Fed Announces (Tentative) End to Bond Purchases in October

Written by Robert Murphy on July 11, 2014


The recently released Fed minutes contain the following information on their plans to fully complete the so-called taper: [P]articipants generally agreed that if incoming information continued to support its expectation of improvement in labor market conditions and a return of inflation toward its longer-run objective, it would be appropriate to complete asset purchases with a […]

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My Translation of Yellen’s Speech on Bank Regulation

Written by Gary North on July 8, 2014


Janet Yellen gave a speech on July 2. It of course received considerable attention in the financial media. Over the years, I have dutifully provided translations of speeches by the chairmen of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System — that tiny part of the FED that is technically part of the U.S. […]

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Withdrawing Political Legitimacy

Written by Gary North on July 7, 2014

We hear these words today: tipping point. We hear a similar phrase: inflection point. These are two names for the same process. There are two versions of this process. One points to a lift-off. The other points to a crash. The lift-off version relies on the image of the exponential curve. At some point, it […]

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The Suicide of Communism: The Case for Patience

Written by Gary North on July 5, 2014


At the age of 72, I look back at my life, and I ask a question: “What was the most significant event of my lifetime?” I go back and forth between two events, but in fact they were the same event. The first was the decision of Deng Xiaoping in 1979 to begin to remove […]

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