Europe’s politicians kept telling us they had it fixed. They didn’t. They don’t. They won’t. They are in desperation mode. We can be certain of one thing. They will not do the one thing that could save their system: establish a gold standard in order to restore confidence and long-term monetary stability. They will inflate.

The Federal Reserve will also inflate. It has said it will, and it will.

China is tottering at the edge of the biggest real estate bubble in history. The central bank has begun to inflate. China may crash anyway.

The dominoes will start falling from two sides: Asia and Europe. America is in the middle: the convergence point.

Your Personal War for Financial Survival

You are now in a war for your financial survival. You probably knew this already. You are facing an army led by “General” Ben Bernanke. You probably knew that, too.

One aspect of this war is what I call the gold war. I am ready to show you how you can win your piece of this battlefield, and you don’t have to pay me a dime — not even a fake laminate dime.

Bernanke has been involved in an ideological war on gold throughout his career. In 2002, he made his position clear: “. . . the more tightly constrained a country was by the gold standard (and, by default, the more closely bound to follow U.S. monetary policies), the more severe were both its monetary contraction and its declines in prices and output.” He blames gold for the Great Depression. His enemy is gold. His weapon of choice is the printing press. He has a lot of them.

The gold war is nowhere near the end. It is getting more intense, because the government is racing toward national bankruptcy. Before the government is finally forced to declare the Great Default, the gold market will become a panic-driven bubble. Then it will be time to sell 80% of it, pay off all your debts, and get into cash — maybe even paper bills. But that is years away.

Most Americans will be wiped out by what is going to happen. They will delay taking action until it is too late. But because they are on the sidelines, this gives a handful of determined people time to prepare. Owning gold is part of that preparation. But even this is risky if you don’t own gold in the right form. In a war, you had better be flexible. You had better be able to spot where the next battle is coming . . . and when.

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My Years in the Trenches

When Ron Paul hired me to be his staff economist in 1976, I was already a 13-year veteran of the gold war. In Washington, I was inside the belly of the beast. It was one thing to know in theory what the war was about. It was another thing completely to see it first-hand.

“I don’t believe your theology of gold,” the Secretary of the Treasury said in a public meeting. He was telling the truth.

Gold bottomed at $104 in late August. It never got that low again.

Governments hate gold, because a rising price of gold is an alarm bell. It points to monetary mismanagement.

Gold was at $257 in March 2001. That was the bottom in this century. The Dow Jones was around 10,500, down from its peak of 11,750 in January 2000. Since that time, the dollar has fallen in value by almost 30%. Anyone who bought a no-load mutual fund of the Dow is down by almost a third. Anyone who bought gold coins is up by almost 7-to-one before taxes.

This fact enrages the gold haters. They keep telling people not to buy gold. “It’s a bad investment. Buy a no-load mutual fund of stocks.” They said that in 2001, too.

As the debt crisis gets worse in Europe, it is clear that the gold-haters are losing the battle to save the banks. The dominoes could fall at any time. The world’s banks and debt are interconnected.

The average Joe knows nothing about gold. He knows Congress is unable to fix the economy, but he has never seen a gold coin. He will not buy gold, because he has no savings. He does not know where to begin. Congress is flying blind in a thunderstorm in the Rockies, and he is in coach.

It is time to put on a parachute and jump.

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A Survival Manual on Gold

I have written a manual on all aspects of gold. I call it The Gold War. I am offering my manual to you at no charge as a PDF download as a bonus to anyone who signs up to receive my free daily report, The Tea Party Economist. There really are no strings attached. In my manual, I cover the following:


  • How to devise an exit plan for every investment
  • Evidence that the FED is in panic mode
  • Leveraging gold: yes or no
  • The theology of the gold standard
  • What to buy first, and why
  • How gold’s price swings paralyze people
  • Six action steps to take immediately
  • What James Bond taught us about gold
  • How Washington cheats trusting citizens
  • How skeptics can beat the system
  • The government’s 14-point strategy to defeat gold
  • 14 reasons why the government will lose
  • Why the common man will lose
  • Where America’s gold went
  • Why the FED resists a full audit
  • Why gold is not money… yet
  • Why gold is money for central banks
  • Why gold is not “just another commodity”
  • Why there is enough gold for world trade
  • Why America’s gold standard was a fake
  • Why Milton Friedman was wrong on gold
  • Why Roosevelt de-monetized gold
  • How citizens can re-monetize gold
  • Why bankers will fight this
  • Why gold is not a deflation badge
  • Why gold is a necessary tool of freedom
  • Gold’s #1 advantage over bank money
  • The FED’s payoffs to silence America’s economists
  • Spotting a gold investment that is not a gold investment


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