One shave a day since April 2011
$2.50 + 28ยข =
360 shaves
(so far)
Gillette’s Nightmare

Are you tired of paying $2.50 every other week for a sharp new Gillette Mach3 blade?

That’s $65 a year!

I pay $2.50 a year. I shave every day. I have a thick, tough beard. I also have sensitive skin. The worst of both worlds!

Nevertheless, I get a smooth, pull-free shave every day. I have used the same blade since April 2011. It is just as sharp today as it was when I first started using it, as far as I can feel.

How can this be? Easy. Just keep reading.

My technique works on all razor blades, not just Mach3 blades.

How can this be?

I’ve got a secret. One of my subscribers shared it with me. I’ll share it with you.

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But that’s not all. I’ve found a way to shave safely in two minutes, start to finish. (I’ve got better things to do than shave.)I’ve also found a way to reduce the chances of a nick almost to zero. Gillette will never mention this technique. I figured it out in 1962. Shaving cream? Not any more. Another subscriber tipped me off to a better way. Cheap. However, if you still want to stick with shaving cream, I’ll tell you which is the rock-bottom cheapest. Gillette will never mention this, either.

What about a smooth shave? I have a secret for that, too. My father taught me. His father taught him. His father used a straight razor. (Great for fights, but not for shaving, in my view.)

I’ve been shaving ever since 1955. It took me until 2011 to accumulate five secrets.

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Isn’t it worth a shot at shaving off 95% of your share of Gillette’s future profits after all these years? Or are you in the “Lifetime Charity for Gillette Society”?

If you don’t take me up on this offer, every time you change a razor blade, you’ll kick yourself. “Why am I doing this? This is stupid.” Yes, it is.

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