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Friday, October 28, 2016
Will Trump’s Hard-Core Supporters Disappear on November 9?
I ignore the public polls. They are useless. I pay attention to the betting sites. They all say Trump will lose. This is why I ask this: What will happen to Trump’s hard-core supporters on November 9? The Tea Party was a big deal in 2010. It no longer is. It dissipated. It had no […] READ MORE

Trump and the Politics of Revenge
Chris Wallace asked Trump in the third debate whether he will accept a Clinton victory on November 8. He said that he will make that decision at the time. Pressed on this, he said he would keep us in suspense. Clearly, he could not become President if the popular vote is against him, and the […] READ MORE

Memo to High School Seniors: The Economic Case for Not Leaving Home
Dear High School Senior: If you do not leave home after high school, you can save a lot of money. So can your parents. Parents worry about boomerang kids. The parents send them off to college for $100,000 (after-tax money), and then the kids come back home to live after graduation. They can’t find jobs. […] READ MORE

The Day I Discovered Bob Dylan: Spring, 1962
They say that Americans over age 60 remember where they were when they heard of President Kennedy’s assassination. I surely do. But I also remember where I was when I heard Bob Dylan for the first time, about 18 months before Kennedy died. I was in my rented room close to UCLA, which I attended […] READ MORE

Historiography and Destiny
“History is written by the victors.” You probably have read this statement. It’s true as far as it goes. But it misses the point. What is the point? The final victor. Who will be the final victor? This is the issue of eschatology: the doctrine of the last things. Everyone has an eschatology, but most […] READ MORE

Oh, My Aching Swaggart Back
It’s the 30th anniversary of my aching back. It’s better these days. I sit in a Herman Miller Embody chair. Yet the story is a strange one. In 1986, I was speaking at the New Orleans gold conference. I had spoken there several times over the years. My partner John Mauldin had come along. He […] READ MORE

The 2016 Election Is Rigged — Fortunately
The liberal Democrat site has done yeoman service by publishing three excellent articles on how and why the House of Representatives will not go Democratic in November. The GOP rigged the House: Even a massive Donald Trump defeat wouldn’t give Democrats control. This is how the GOP rigged Congress: The secret plan that handcuffed […] READ MORE

Hillary Clinton: First-Term Lame Duck
We have never seen a campaign like this one. I would like to see lots more. Both of them call each other liars. There are no kid gloves in this race. Trump brought women to the second debate who accuse Bill Clinton of rape. Nothing like this had happened in American history. His campaign has […] READ MORE

The Strange Economics of Voting
“God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, Courage to change the things I can, And wisdom to know the difference.” This is the famous serenity prayer, authored by Reinhold Niebuhr. It was the closest to theological orthodoxy that Niebuhr ever came. It applies to voting. VOTING AND LOTTERIES Voting is […] READ MORE

Rudy Giuliani on How Men Talk
Rudy Giuliani is some sort of advisor/counselor/apologist for Trump. They are both in trouble. He told Jake Tapper: “Men, at times, talk like that.” said he had never heard anything like this. Neither have I. Trump is 70 years old. I am 74. We are not quite the same generation, but we are close. […] READ MORE

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