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Sunday, February 26, 2017
Trump’s Nuclear Option for the Media: No More Press Conferences
I had specific suggestions for Trump on how to run his press conferences. Obviously, he did not take my suggestion seriously. I doubt that he ever saw this. In a recent tweet, he identified the media as the enemy of the American people. That threw down the gauntlet. The media are surely enemies of Trump. […] READ MORE

Free Book: Christian Economics: Student’s Edition
I have completed the first draft of Christian Economics: Student’s Edition. It is about 220 double-spaced pages. When typeset, it will be under 180 pages. I hope it will be 155 pages, plus an index. This book covers the basics of economics, but in an unfamiliar structure. It is structured by the five-point biblical covenant: […] READ MORE

The Futility of Anti-
“You can’t beat something with nothing.” That is an old slogan out of American politics. It applies to all of life. In every philosophical system, there is a pro and a con. There is a benefit and a liability. There is something to be attained and something to be avoided. There are positive sanctions and […] READ MORE

Why Tariffs Don’t Save Jobs
Economist Walter Williams points out the following: In his 2012 State of the Union address, President Barack Obama boasted that “over 1,000 Americans are working today because we stopped a surge in Chinese tires.” According to a study done by the Peterson Institute for International Economics (, those trade restrictions forced Americans to pay $1.1 […] READ MORE

Want a Free Book? Click “Print”
The PDF lets people get access to books long out-of-print. It is a marvelous technology. Recently, I sent off 15 volumes that are 40 years old to a company that converts books into PDFs. This is going to cost me about $500 to post these materials on this website. I am going to post them […] READ MORE

Greenspan on Gold: Shuck and Jive
“When our friends get elected, they aren’t our friends any more.” — M. Stanton Evans My deceased friend Stan Evans became deservedly famous for this law of politics. This law applies to high-level appointments. Back in the days when I was starting out in my career, Alan Greenspan wrote an article for Ayn Rand’s Objectivist […] READ MORE

Why Textbooks Ruin Kids
Going back to the Egyptians in the ancient world, education has always been based on some version of the textbook. The textbook came into its own in the second half of the 15th century. That was because of Gutenberg. But textbook-based education had always been used, except they were not printed textbooks. They were provided […] READ MORE

Capitalism Is Productive, Not Destructive
Fifty years ago, I added a subtitle to the manuscript of my book, published the next year, Marx’s Religion of Revolution: The Doctrine of Creative Destruction (1968). I changed that subtitle two decades later in the revised edition: Regeneration Through Chaos. There was a doctrine of creative destruction in the 19th century. Karl Marx’s rival, […] READ MORE

Video: Gun Kits. No Serial Numbers, No Registration, 100% Legal
Liberals are wetting their Depends over this. Thanks to the liberal media for getting out this story. The more they scream, the more the product sells. What’s a liberal to do? READ MORE

Engineering Degree: The Smart Way (for Parents)
I am writing this for high school juniors who have just received what seems to be bad news from their parents. My message: It’s good news for parental solvency, and it won’t hurt you a bit. But it’s not what you had in mind. I am going to talk straight with you. I am probably […] READ MORE

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