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Texas Invaded by Foreign Troops: JADE HELM 15

Written by Gary North on April 25, 2015

What are U.S. troops doing in Texas? I know. Training. Training to suppress whom? Why? Then there is the matter of jurisdiction. Is there any jurisdiction that has immunity from future invasion? If so, Bastrop County, Texas, is clearly not one of them. It is located close to the capital of the state. The screws […]

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Stop the Military Robots

Posted on April 7, 2015

A new global campaign to persuade nations to ban “killer robots” before they reach the production stage is to be launched in the United Kingdom by a group of academics, pressure groups and Nobel peace prize laureates. Robot warfare and autonomous weapons, the next step from unmanned drones, are already being worked on by scientists […]

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$400 Billion Turkey Won’t Fly

Written by Gary North on March 16, 2015

Turkeys don’t fly. Neither does the F-35. This boondoggle is great for the military-industrial complex, but bad for taxpayers. Which nation’s air force is in a position to challenge existing American planes? None. Which nation is developing fighter jets and the aircraft carriers required to deliver them? The Pentagon never says. What is the strategic […]

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War Games: Ancient French Sub Sinks U.S. Carrier

Posted on March 14, 2015

WITH a good submarine, a navy can do amazing things. Ask the French. They’ve just managed to “sink” a nuclear-powered US super carrier — and half its battle group. The French Ministry of Defence has revealed one of its attack submarines pulled off an astounding upset during recent war-games in the North Atlantic. The Aviationist […]

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The Iran Nuclear Threat

Written by Robert Murphy on March 5, 2015

by Robert Murphy I am a professional economist, not a military strategist or historian. Nonetheless, I think I can offer some perspective on typical arguments for U.S. government military action. Consider the following excerpt from a NYT article by Chris Hedges, titled, “Iran May Be Able to Build an Atomic Bomb in 5 Years, U.S. […]

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Safe-Cracking: The Myth of a Secure Military

Written by Robert Murphy on January 15, 2015

On NPR today they were talking about cybersecurity. The host made a throwaway remark along the lines that with private businesses, you couldn’t expect a full-throated response to the threats his expert guests were discussing, because they responded to the profit motive and it “wasn’t like Los Alamos.”Here the host was referring to the famous […]

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$3 Trillion to Topple Saddam

Posted on January 8, 2015

The costs of the 2003-2010 Iraq War are often contested, as academics and critics have unearthed many hidden costs not represented in official estimates. The most recent major report on these costs come from Brown University in the form of the Costs of War, which totaled just over $1.1 trillion. The Department of Defense’s direct […]

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Iraq Without Saddam: Civil War

Posted on January 8, 2015

Tens of thousands of Iraq’s Sunnis fled their home regions over the past year to escape the brutal rule of the Islamic State group. The militants swept over much of the north and west of Iraq, overrunning Sunni-majority regions all the way down to the doorstep of Baghdad. Shiite-led security forces and militias made up […]

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