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Video: How the Federal Reserve System Loots Us

Written by Gary North on July 5, 2014


So, you want to understand how the Federal Reserve works? Here is the best video on the topic. It was produced by the Mises Institute. It covers central banking’s history. Unlike other videos on the Federal Reserve, it does not recommend that money creation be turned over to Congress, which will then produce “safe, reliable” […]

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Video: Steve Forbes Calls for a Gold Standard.

Written by Gary North on June 21, 2014

Gold Standard 2

This is not a full gold-coin standard. This is a government-guaranteed gold standard: “As good as gold!” It is as reliable as a government promise, e.g., FDR in 1933 and Nixon in 1971. Still, it’s a sign that someone with a good reputation has broken with Milton Friedman and Paul Krugman.

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French Fried Entrepreneurs: They Are Leaving

Written by Gary North on June 3, 2014


Rich people in France are pulling up stakes. They will escape the tax man. (Unlike the USA, if you are not living in France, you do not pay taxes to the French government.) Young people in France who want to start businesses say they want to leave France. A lot of them will. France’s taxes […]

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Video: Like a Tornado in a Trailer Park

Written by Gary North on May 29, 2014


Twenty-five years ago, on a short-lived TV show called Heartland, someone made this comment. It is the only thing I recall about the show, other than the fact that it starred Brian Keith. “Tornadoes are God’s way of telling people not to live in trailer parks.” I was reminded of this comment when I saw […]

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Video: Congressman Gowdy’s Questions on Benghazi

Written by Gary North on May 16, 2014


I had not heard of Congressman Gowdy until yesterday. I hope to hear of him again. He made a 3-minute presentation in front of the mainstream media’s agents. I have never seen anything like it. As an example of rhetoric, it is flawless. He ended it exactly right. He took no prisoners. All in all, […]

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