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Government-Run Schools: A Kidnapping Operation

Written by Gary North on February 29, 2012

The state kidnaps students. They charge parents to run schools that cost up to $15,000 per student per year (in Detroit). Then they use the classrooms to indoctrinate the kids in a philosophy alien to their parents’ view. Parents put up with this. “I have paid for the schools. I want to get my money’s […]

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Rollback: The Tax Revolts in States

Written by Gary North on February 9, 2012

There is good news to share. Across the nation, states are either rolling back their income tax rates or debating this. Oklahoma is one of them. Kansas is considering this. So is Missouri. It’s being debated in Maine, Idaho, Nebraska, Indiana, and Ohio. Even New Jersey! Lower taxes will not force school closings (sadly) and […]

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A United Nations World Tax for a World Welfare State

Written by Gary North on February 7, 2012

A committee of the United Nations Organization is proposing a new international tax on the world’s banks. Variations of this have been floated since the 1930s, under the League of Nations. Back then, there was a proposal for a zero-tariff policy, with an income tax on multinational corporations that would take advantage of this zero-tariff […]

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The End of Swiss Bank Secrecy (and Everywhere Else)

Written by Gary North on February 1, 2012

There used to be Swiss bank secrecy. Anyway, Americans thought so. It was always something of  myth. I reprted on this in 1976, when I worked for Ron Paul. The IRS was getting through the barriers. Now, it’s over. The U.S. has just bankrupted a Swiss bank that had no agents inside the USA, no […]

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Tea Party’s Dilemma: Half of Americans Are on the Dole

Written by Gary North on January 27, 2012

An article by the mysterious “Tyler Durden” focuses on the political dilemma. About 48% of the population is on welfare of some kind. We want to see the welfare state rolled back. Voters say they do — bit not for the programs that help them. Government benefits total 65% of the federal budget — not […]

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Will Envy-Driven Voters Elect the Next President?

Written by Gary North on January 25, 2012

Do you care that Mitt Romney is rich? I don’t. Maybe he can’t be bought off. The liberal Washington Post ran an article on his wealth. It stressed that he paid 15% in taxes. Well, after 98 years of the tax code, that’s the way it goes. Some Democrat politicians commented. Asked during a round […]

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Establishment Economists Call for More Taxes on the Rich

Written by Gary North on January 17, 2012

Mark Skousen, an Austrian School economist, attended a recent meeting if the American Economic Association, the professional association of academic economists. He has reported on the views of major Keynesian economists. The big cannon should be fiscal policy [more deficit spending].” — Peter Diamond, Nobel Prize Economist and New Fed Member Peter Diamond’s Solution to […]

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