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Houston Subpoenas High-Profile Pastors: Sermon Monitoring

Written by Robert Murphy on October 17, 2014


I saw several people denouncing this on social media, and I assumed they were exaggerating. But no, the city of Houston has been subpoenaing local pastors for written copies of their sermons. As the Houston Chronicle explains: Houston’s embattled equal rights ordinance took another legal turn this week when it surfaced that city attorneys, in […]

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Will the IRS Monitor Sermons?

Written by Gary North on August 18, 2014


This report appeared on the WND site. Imagine uttering the words “pro-life” in your church and finding yourself targeted by an investigation from the feared and reviled Internal Revenue Service. An expert on the First Amendment conflict between pastors and the federal agency, which says it is investigating speech delivered from pulpits, confirms that’s possible. […]

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Fewer IRS Audits Than Ever

Posted on July 16, 2014


The GOP-controlled House has voted to slash the budget for the Internal Revenue Service’s tax enforcement division by $1.2 billion, a 25 percent cut that would mean fewer audits of taxpayers and make it more likely that people who cheat on their taxes will get away with it. The House approved the cuts by voice […]

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State University Professor Is Paid $2,400 Per Hour

Written by Gary North on June 28, 2014


It’s tough teaching at the University of North Carolina. The hours are killing. I mean, 75 whole hours a year! Can you imagine it? The class time is 50 minutes per class. You do this three times a week for a crushing 30 weeks per academic year. And all they pay you is $205,000. That’s […]

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Tax Protestors, Witch Doctors, and the IRS

Written by Gary North on June 6, 2014


One of my goals with this website is to warn people against scams, or worse, dedicated suicidal nonsense, that can destroy their lives. One of these high-risk sinkholes of futility is the tax protest movement. These people do not simply protest income taxes; they adopt weird strategies to justify the refusal to pay the IRS. […]

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French Fried Entrepreneurs: They Are Leaving

Written by Gary North on June 3, 2014


Rich people in France are pulling up stakes. They will escape the tax man. (Unlike the USA, if you are not living in France, you do not pay taxes to the French government.) Young people in France who want to start businesses say they want to leave France. A lot of them will. France’s taxes […]

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