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The Best States for Beating the Tax Man

Written by Gary North on February 26, 2015


MarketWatch ran an article on the states that are worst for the common man: “10 states with the worst taxes for average Americans.” The journalist ignored these horrendous tax states: California and New York. It targeted these states as the worst, beginning at the top. Washington Florida Texas South Dakota What do they have in […]

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S&P 500 Breaks Even After 14 Years, 11 Months

Written by Gary North on February 18, 2015


The suckers who did not sell the S&P 500 on March 24, 2000 broke even yesterday: February 17. It closed at 2100. On March 24, 2000, the S&P 500 peaked in terms of purchasing power. It closed at 1527. Go to the inflation calculator of the Bureau of Labor Statistics.  It is here. Type in […]

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Pothole President: Obama’s Tax Suggestion

Written by Gary North on February 2, 2015


President Obama, now a visible lame duck, proposes the biggest tax hike in his career, other than ObamaCare, which the Supreme Court says is a tax. The money will be used to fix potholes. You know: “shovel-ready.” He has no authority over Congress. He does not submit a budget bill to the Congress. Congress submits […]

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Gasoline Tax Hike? Get Lost!

Written by Gary North on January 13, 2015

The three best nations on earth for low gasoline taxes are Mexico, the United States, and Canada, in that order. This drives liberals crazy. They want higher taxes. They aren’t getting them here. So, the wailing goes on. It’s not fair! There should be higher gasoline taxes! Now that oil has fallen in price by […]

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$3 Trillion to Topple Saddam

Posted on January 8, 2015

The costs of the 2003-2010 Iraq War are often contested, as academics and critics have unearthed many hidden costs not represented in official estimates. The most recent major report on these costs come from Brown University in the form of the Costs of War, which totaled just over $1.1 trillion. The Department of Defense’s direct […]

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Tax Hikes Needed to Pay for Pensions/Health

Posted on December 24, 2014


The city of Lebanon, Pennsylvania just passed a budget that contains a 28 percent tax increase. . . Lancaster’s pension obligations have increased by 228 percent since 2006. That year, city pension obligations amounted to $1.9 million, covered almost entirely by the state. For 2015, the obligations will be $6.4 million — nearly $4 million […]

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France’s 75% Income Tax Will Not Be Renewed

Posted on December 24, 2014


When President Francois Hollande unveiled a “super-tax” on the rich in 2012, some feared an exodus of business, sporting and artistic talent. One adviser warned it was a Socialist step too far that would turn France into “Cuba without sun”. Two years in, with the tax due to expire at the end of this month, […]

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IRS Threatens Symbolic Shutdown. Make It Real!

Posted on December 19, 2014


The IRS is considering its own temporary shutdown due to recent budget cuts enacted by Congress, its chief said Thursday. IRS Commissioner John Koskinen said furloughs — forced unpaid days off for employees as part of an IRS closure — is one idea reluctantly being tossed about to save money, though they are hoping they […]

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The ObamaCare Tax: Fooling the Rubes Once Again

Written by Robert Murphy on December 11, 2014

Near the end of his treatise on economics, Ludwig von Mises wrote: There is no means by which anyone can evade his personal responsibility. Whoever neglects to examine to the best of his abilities all the problems involved voluntarily surrenders his birthright to a self-appointed elite of supermen. In such vital matters blind reliance upon […]

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