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Trophy Wives and Blue Ribbon Wives

Written by Gary North on August 27, 2016

Trophy wives are ornaments for husbands. Men marry them because they want to be high-visibility winners among other men. “He is a winner. He got her.” They also hope for this reaction: “I didn’t get a trophy wife. I’m not a winner.” A trophy wife is a status good: limited availability, heavy demand. Spectacularly good […]

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Coursera: A Free College Education Online at Home

Written by Gary North on February 5, 2013

Coursera is new. When this video was shot, faculty members at four universities were involved. Today, 33 major universities participate. This list keeps growing. The cat is now out of the bag. You can get a first-rate education at home for free. Soon, this program will grant certificates of completion — not quite a B.A., […]

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Student Debt: A Needless Burden, Yet Widespread

Written by Gary North on February 4, 2013

No liberal arts student needs to pay more than $15,000 to earn an accredited bachelor’s degree. That’s about $10.50 a day. Working at a fast food restaurant part time will pay for this. But parents send their children into the debt swamp, even dipping into their retirement savings to pay for this. Even with help […]

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$1 Trillion Bailout: Student Loans

Written by Gary North on December 3, 2012

There is now a proposal before Congress for the government to pay off all the banks that have lent money to students. The government has already changed the bankruptcy law to make it almost impossible for students to escape this debt. But the banks still cannot collect the money. So, it’s Congress to the rescue! […]

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$914 Billion Student Loan Bubble Will Get Bigger

Written by Gary North on October 1, 2012

Student loans are over $900 billion. Parents of college students cheer them on. “Go ahead. Load up. It’s for your own good. It will pay off. You’ll see.” The average college graduate leaves college $40,000 in debt. Parents beam. “We’re so proud.” The Department of Education has reported that 13.4% of the 2009 graduates are […]

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Student Debt Bomb Fuse Is Lit: Just Like Housing Debt

Written by Gary North on September 5, 2012

The student loan level is now almost $1 trillion. How big a threat is it? Here is the assessment of the National Council of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys. With student loan debt now topping U.S. credit card debt and few or no options available for distressed borrowers (including unwary parents who co-signed loans and now face […]

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$40,000 for a One-Year Automotive Repair Course

Written by Gary North on August 29, 2012

A young man borrowed $40,000 to take a one-year course from an automotive repair school. His parents encouraged him to do this. They told him he could earn $0 an hour after he graduated. He makes $13.50 an hour. Then he got married. Then fathered two kids. He borrows to pay for rent. His grandmother […]

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