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Digital Spies in Your Home (Not Mine)

Written by Gary North on March 25, 2017

The Internet of Things is a buzz phrase for digital monitoring. I am a fan of the IoT with respect to commercial enterprises such as airplane maintenance. But I will not let IoT consumer products into my home. The problem should be obvious. If I can monitor what my appliances are doing, so can the […]

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Neocon Outrage: Rand “Hangs Up” on NSA

Written by Gary North on June 2, 2015

Neocons in the Senate are furious. Rand Paul last week filibustered the NSA’s eavesdropping program into at least temporary oblivion. It sank into the sunset on Sunday night. It had to be renewed before midnight. It wasn’t. The NSA saw it coming. On Sunday afternoon, it pulled the order from America’s phone companies to supply […]

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The NSA and Your License Plate

Posted on May 2, 2015

A year after the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) scuttled plans to build its own nationwide database of vehicle license plate data, the agency is seeking bids from private contractors to provide the agency access to the same information. DHS canceled last year’s plan in the wake of TSA domestic spying revelations and subsequent outrage […]

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Government “Terrorist Families” Test: Don’t Flunk It

Written by Gary North on February 12, 2015

The U. S. government has produced a questionnaire for local law enforcement officials and religious leaders to use in evaluating local families. Are you, your family or your community at risk of turning to violent extremism? That’s the premise behind a rating system devised by the National Counterterrorism Center, according to a document marked For […]

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Reagan’s Law Lets the Feds Search Your Old Emails

Written by Gary North on February 12, 2015

If an email you sent is over 180 days old, the federal government has legal access to it. No warrant is required. This has been true since 1986. If they are any server, anywhere, they are fair game. You say no one told you? Of course no one told you. Privacy? What a quaint concept. […]

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Turning Off the NSA’s Water

Posted on January 29, 2015

In eight states, legislators are pushing bills they hope will either boot National Security Agency facilities or ban the agency from setting up shop. The bills would prohibit state and local governments from offering material support to the agency, including use of public utilities that carry water and electricity. Two of the bills would criminalize […]

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A Nation of Spies

Posted on December 18, 2014

By Nat Hentoff I’ve long been annoyed and increasingly angered by a message from our government on radio, TV and other forms of communication in and around New York City, where I live and work: “If you see something, say something. If it doesn’t seem right, it probably isn’t.” The message often ends: “Be careful, […]

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Don’t Call It Torture, Says CIA Flack

Written by Gary North on December 11, 2014

No, no, no: it was not torture. It was merely EIT. EIT? What’s EIT? “Enhanced interrogation techniques.” See? That didn’t hurt, did it? Just rename it. The CIA flack who appeared on the PBS News Hour hastened to tell us what a great job the CIA did to keep America safe. The CIA stopped a […]

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Bush Knew All About the CIA’s Activities — Cheney

Posted on December 11, 2014

Former US President George W Bush was “fully informed” about CIA interrogation techniques condemned in a Senate report, his vice-president says. Speaking to Fox News, Dick Cheney said Mr Bush “knew everything he needed to know” about the program, and the report was “full of crap”. The CIA has defended its use of methods such […]

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CIA Hammered, But Its Budget Will Grow, as Always

Written by Gary North on December 10, 2014

The folks at the CIA are chanting this: “Budget cuts will break our bones, but Feinstein cannot hurt us.” The CIA and NSA have been hammered all year. But the public does not know what the government spends on them. Congress does not know. Their budget are never publicly cut. Never. The Washington Post Reports: […]

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