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$914 Billion Student Loan Bubble Will Get Bigger

Written by Gary North on October 1, 2012

Student loans are over $900 billion. Parents of college students cheer them on. “Go ahead. Load up. It’s for your own good. It will pay off. You’ll see.” The average college graduate leaves college $40,000 in debt. Parents beam. “We’re so proud.” The Department of Education has reported that 13.4% of the 2009 graduates are […]

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Federal Judge Orders Sex-Change Operation for Convicted Murderer, to Be Paid for by Taxpayers

Written by Gary North on September 6, 2012

A federal judge has decided that a prisoner in a Massachusetts prison for having killed his wife is suffering emotionally. He is really a woman, hormonally speaking. So great is the suffering, the judge determined, that the taxpayers of Massachusetts must pay for a sex-change operation. Incarcerated rapists in prisons around the nation are strongly […]

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Shovel-Ready Jobs at Only $738,000 Per Job

Written by Gary North on August 22, 2012

President Obama described his 2009 stimulus law as providing jobs — shovel-ready jobs. He was right. There were some jobs. They were a tad expensive, however. The Department of Transportation awarded some of these jobs. Cost to taxpayers: $738,000 per job. The Secretary of Transportation says he thinks these were a good deal for America. […]

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How to Make American Schools Better: Cut Their Funding

Written by Gary North on August 21, 2012

The great myth of all government bureaucrats is this: if the taxpayers shovel in more money, performance will increase. The opposite is usually true. Cut a budget, and performance increases. The best example in America life of the failure of the “spend more, and results improve” is tax-funded K-12 education. I graduated from high school […]

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9,516 Cars for the Government’s Climate Change Bureaucrats

Written by Gary North on August 20, 2012

Let’s say that the federal government employs 11,605 employees in the Natural Resource Conservation Center. In fact, it does. Let’s say these people need to get the word out on climate change. After all, the climate is changing. Temperatures over the last decade have been cooling. What’s that? Cooling? Yes. Read about this here. So, […]

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