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Honey: Sweet Amazon Shopping

Written by Gary North on August 27, 2016

Honey is a shopping app for Amazon. It lets you check the best prices on Amazon. It’s all automatic. What’s the best price? Is the seller rated highly? Can you save money on shipping? Honey tells you. What about digital discount coupons? Honey searches for them and presents them automatically the check-out. The story is […]

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High Fidelity Systems and Low Fidelity Ears

Written by Gary North on May 8, 2014

By the time you can afford Krell speakers, you’ll have AM radio ears. This is the grim reality of high fidelity. It’s a race against declining high-frequency hearing. Here is a very depressing pair of charts. Look at frequency perception at older ages. Here is an unbreakable rule: Do not pay more for any component […]

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General Mills Eats Some Humble Pie

Posted on April 21, 2014

General Mills, maker of Cheerios, Yoplait and Pillsbury food products, is asking customers for forgiveness, but any appeasement may not come as quickly as the company might hope for. The public apology came in a company blog post published on Saturday and penned by spokeswoman Kirstie Foster, after a New York Times article on April […]

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Is Amazon Raising Prime Price?

Posted on February 15, 2014

Amazon’s recent statement that it’s contemplating raising the price of its free-two-day-shipping membership program by $20 to $40 from its current $79 annual rate has ignited a firestorm of sorts and led to a UBS stock downgrade on Wednesday that cited concern that a significant percentage of existing Prime members won’t renew at a higher […]

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Libre Office: Close, But No Cigar

Written by Gary North on March 6, 2013

We are told by reviews that Libre Office is better than Open Office, which for years has been a free alternative to Microsoft Office. Why is Libre Office better? Because there are more coders working on it. “But when Oracle bought Sun, legions of developers abandoned OpenOffice, and instead threw in with a forked version […]

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Santa’s Greatest Gift: Online Price Wars

Written by Gary North on December 3, 2012

The free market is making available low-cost Christmas gifts. Here is an example: a video game that went from $50 to $15 in 7 days. A price war broke out. Amazon drove down the price. Walmart and Target followed suit. It pays to shop online. It pays to wait to buy presents. There is no […]

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